In the automation of production processes

- we program programmable logical controllers (PLC),
- we design and program human-machine interfaces (HMI),
- we plan and implement central managemant systems (CNS),
- we plan and implement industrial control systems.


We are the Slovenian partner of a Japanese industrial robot manufacturer
- We install 4, 6 or 7- axis industrial joint robots used in automation production processes.
- We plan and design purpose-made grippers.
- We consult, plan, and implement the entire robot system (robot, gripper, control synchronization, control – machine vision).
NACHI robots (4,61 Mb)
NACHI MZ series (2,64 Mb)

Machine vision

The automation of production processes is upgraded with the use of machine vision.
– We analyse the problem and find the adequate solution and equipment.
– We prepare the machine vision system for work and integrate it into the industrial environment.
– We produce application software on machine vision devices for the supervision of product quality, measuring, as well as positioning and orientation of the workpieces.

Development of electronic devices

We offer comprehensive development of electronic assemblies or devices. This includes:
- construction and design of circuits, printed circuits, mechanic assemblies,
- preparation of technical documentation.

Manufacture of prototypes

We manufacture prototypes based on your documentation. We can also prepare technical and technological documentation. With the help of business partners, we also provide product design.

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